Saturday, June 18, 2016

What fundamentalists want to do to music listeners

So a group of folks in a record store in Istanbul want to have a listening party for Radiohead's release. Apparently they violated someone's ideas of what can and cannot be done during certain calendar periods.  Warning - this contains subtitles (you can defeat, but you should read) which, if accurate, tell you all you need to know:


nick said...

they got in trouble primarily for drinking alcohol

Anonymous said...

Enough with religions.
We are free to go by our day and do what we enjoy.(MUSIC)
No one can decide or force on me what is good for me.(RELIGION)
This is a free world? NOT?
Vive la Musique.

Unknown said...

As someone said, this was about alcohol being consumed during Ramadan, not the music.
And it is not so much about the religion as the culture and attitudes.

Want to go to a Donald Trump rally? Be prepared to face the wrath of intolerance from the opposition left, not that much different from what these young men suffered.
Bullies use any reason they can, from religion to politics, to act on their intolerance of others.

bishop said...

Lots of profanity and threats of sodomy by the 'Holy Men'. I think I'd rather have a beer.