Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cary Audio now goes direct

I know they've been selling some discounted units on site for awhile, but this morning I received the official press release to the effect that Cary Audio now has online sales for their entire product line -- though it also includes dealerships, but they will not be called this anymore. Confused? Welcome to the new world of audio retail....

Cary Audio is pleased to announce the launching of CaryDirect (www.carydirect.com), a direct to consumer webstore, in conjunction with a new dealer program that assimilates dealers into the direct to consumer model.
CaryDirect (www.carydirect.com) is an online e-commerce webstore encompassing our entire product catalog, making it available directly to consumers. With the changing landscape of brick and mortar showrooms, CaryDirect will offer free shipping and a 30-day return guarantee allowing customers to experience risk-free in-home evaluations of Cary Audio products. 
While our model will be direct-to-consumer, CaryDirect is actually a hybrid model which takes great care to include our current dealer base into the direct to consumer model. Our dealers will now be called Cary Retail Reps or Cary Brokers and will continue to play a key role, as much or as little as they choose. The model incentivizes Cary Retail Reps to continue to have demonstration product on display for sales and promotional purposes within their local markets. Our goal is to make the Cary Audio buying experience transparent and consistent for the end-user customer. This program not only supports our past dealers, but will also generate a much larger base of new Cary Retail Reps and Cary Brokers that can profit from our hybrid model, which is more in-line with how they prefer to do business in today’s market. This is a win, win, win for our customers, dealers, and Cary Audio.
CaryDirect (www.carydirect.com) is only available in the U.S. and countries where there is no Cary Audio representation. Customers in countries where there is current distribution will be directed to the appropriate contact person for that country. For more information on CaryDirect and/or our new Cary Retail Rep or Cary Broker program, please contact Cary Audio at sales@caryaudio.com, or by phone at 919-867-4333.


Anonymous said...

Could it be a desperate move by a company on its last legs?

Anonymous said...

Or a smart move by a company that understands that the way people buy products has changed. Not having an online presence this day in time would be detrimental to any company. Why not give customers the option to buy either online or in store?