Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Potential Audioquest Rigged Demo Exposed

Potential Audioquest Rigged Demo Exposed: Audiophile drama is unfolding as an Audioquest HDMI cable demo,  showing unrealistic changes in sound, was seemingly debunked as fraudulent by Mark Waldrep, Dr. AIX.  It's a bit more complicated than it might appear but read both sides at the link above.

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Unknown said...

Not an Audioquest employee, nor an Audioquest-approved or even endorsed video. Rather, a dealer took it upon itself to make the video. See the "letter to the industry" on this topic from Bill Low, as republished at

PatrickD said...

Yep - edited the feed from Audioholics to reflect the balance -- but the link has the fuller story. Still, by various accounts, Audioquest were happy to list the video for a year until the Dr called 'foul'.

Unknown said...

The issue is one of fraud. Who perpetrated the fraud is the single issue.

Whether one is to believe the statements made by the owner of Audioquest, the damage is done.

If a third party took it upon themselves to defraud the public, then Audioquest should use every avenue available to them to sue for damages.

Lets see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks they can demo cables via an internet video is fooling themselves

Bill Low said...

For those masochistic enough to want to witness the latest cable-fight, interspersed with comments pertinent to the fraudulent video, and some worthy considerations regarding audio, I suggest visiting:
and also

PatrickD said...

Thanks Bill -- yes, folks please read the full accounts before jumping to conclusions here. It's a messy tale and I don't see Audioquest as the perpetrators as much as the victims now.

Anonymous said...

The real issue the video kicked off is actually the claims Audioquest makes - digitial streams can be "changed" in some way by other cables (but are good enough to pass the HDMI specification) and AQ cables deliver "minimizes distortion caused by the grain boundaries"

and +++ "DIRECTIONALITY: All audio cables are directional."

So the issue now is are those claims real for a digital cable. I'm waiting for some proof myself