Friday, December 18, 2015

Raven Blackhawk LE review now live

I've spent a most enjoyable 6 months with Raven Audio's limited edition version of their original Nighthawk integrated amp, the Blackhawk. You can find the review live now in Hifi'Zine.

To say I think this amp is enjoyable would be an understatement but it's a product that's as lovely to use as it is to hear, and it put smiles on my face over multiple listening sessions. The original model is wonderful, this upgraded version just a tad better all round. Ah, tubes...what can I say?

Have a few more items in the works. Been keen to try a few new phono stages with tubes but it's proved a bit more problematic than I had imagined. Between backlogs in requests for samples (yes, I really do want to hear the Rogers PA-1A), the requirement to actually purchase an Allnic 1201 with return rights, and the silence in response to my effort to get Luxman's new tubed phono stage in, I've had to return a couple of samples of from ATA when buyers wanted their hands on them or they proved noisy in my rig so nothing happening there now. But stay tuned -- am having some fun with BenQ's TreVolo, a sort of small panel Bluetooth speaker and I have (or think I have) an Artisan Fidelity table on the way, though that is proving to require patience -- my plan to document the build as it occurred seems to have hit a brick wall as the build has stalled over two months with little to show other than a veneer selection. Now if only Raven would develop a phono stage.....


Jalapeno papa said...

I bought this amp based on the glowing review of the Nighthawk and after talking to Dave the owner of Raven Audio. It does not diaapoint. It runs through a VPI table or Oppo 95 to Joseph Audio RM33 towers and sounds wonderful. Hours of decadent musical enjoyment from top to bottom. Sweet non fatiguing highs and taught accurate bass. 20 jumbo watts for sure and all the audiophile boxes checked with top marks. Plus Dave the owner will treat you like a family member. And did I mention US made in the heart of Texas? What more could you ask for? Mmmmmmm, possibly his new Osprey model. Thanks again Dave! Loving my Blackhawk.


i am the proud owner of the limed edition blackhawk integrated amplifier.I have never in all my life heard music sound so real.BESIDES DETAIL,DYNAMICS AND SOUNDSTAGE BEING FABULOUS;THE BASS IS UNLIKE ANYTHING IVE EVER HEARD. SO LOW,SO WARM AND NATURAL.ZERO DISTORTION AT ANY LEVEL.