Friday, August 21, 2015

Good news for US Linn owners

Most upper-end table owners like to update, tweak and fiddle with their set ups. LP12 owners do this routinely as the table seems to need more regular tune ups than my car. Owning UK made gear in the US is sometimes problematic and expensive (I know this as an SME 20/2 user) so the following announcement of a US outlet for Linn bells and whistles will be welcome by many:

Russ Andrews USA, supplier of hi-fi and home theater accessories for the audiophile community, is introducing a full range of genuine Linn LP12 spare parts to enable US based vinyl enthusiasts to upgrade their favorite turntable to achieve even greater musical enjoyment.

The full suite of genuine LP12 parts, including motors, belts, platters, armboards, screws, lid hinges and every other imaginable part is now available to purchase direct from the website. Having had such a long history with Linn and its most famous product, Russ Andrews has an unrivalled knowledge of how to service and upgrade the LP12 and has produced a guide to help its customers get the most from their turntable. The guide may be downloaded from the Linn LP12 Spares area of the website.

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