Friday, February 14, 2014

Minus K review is live in latest HiFi'Zine

The latest issue of HiFi'Zine (better late than never) has my latest review, a super-duper Minus K BM-8 platform which I sat under my SME 20 turntable. I can't really explain the physics but this is one component that once installed, made such a difference that if you heard it blindfolded, you would have to be deaf not to distinguish the differences. Now, distinguishing is not the same as liking but in my case, I did like the difference. Air, detail, resolution, bass, all sorts of the usual audiophile values that make me think the right platform under a table is a better investment than a new cartridge. Sadly, the cost is not trivial, the BM 8 I reviewed is $2600 (ouch!!) and it looks like it is, shall we say, not quite designed for the living room. Interestingly, I've adjusted to its looks sufficiently well to think it fits quite well in my room, but then, I run a snake's nest of wires in full view of visitors so perhaps my standards are not quite those of Home and Garden magazine.

I also have the very interesting Bryston Mini-T speakers in for review next, and a small-size-big sound pair of DAC Maraschino monos. Interesting times, interesting sounds. Stay tuned, more to come.


Anonymous said...

When is the Maraschino review due in?

PatrickD said...

And good evening to you too.

The little amps are getting a good work out and the review will wait till I''ve completed a full comparison in my main rig with the Spectron Monos and VR5s --after all, these little amps are potentially able to drive anything. Do I like them? Wait and see.....