Thursday, August 15, 2013

Interesting new designs from PBN

I always want to hear PBN speakers but they are never where I am. Any chance at RMAF this year? That said, the company never seems to sit still and recently has announced a whole new set of speaker kits, the Scanspeak B741. Interestingly, on A'gon they even mention newer models that have yet to make their website. These offer the keen buyer a chance to acquire a serious pair of speakers where part of the price is paid in your own labor. Kits are all well and good but most audiophiles I know are very concerned with looks (or at least they have to consider the views of a significant other who likely feels that cables and woofers are not the most attractive indoor furnishings). Most audio kits end up looking like, well....kits. PBN designs some pretty serious equipment costing tens of thousands, so it's great to see them do more than offer a token cheap option in the range. If they end up looking as good when built by a real person as they do in the pics from PBN, there could be some unusual value here. 

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