Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June issue of HiFi'Zine now live

The latest issue of the 'Zine is now live and contains two reviews from me. The PS Audio Powerbase was a major improvement on some components but less so on others, and quite surprisingly, seemed to have positive effects on my line regenerator more than my digital front-end. You can hear the differences quite easily on sources and I enjoyed it under my 'table. I also fell heavily for a new set of power cords from Absolute Fidelity. I know, I know....what can wire do? I don't know how it works but my ears loved these cords on most components, particularly my preamp. The only downside is the price! Be warned.

The issue also has great new articles on the Cyrus 8 integrated amp, an interview with it's designer Peter Bartlett, and technical articles on plugins for audio, and a primer on active speaker implementation with Pure Music from John Reekie. Once again, all of this is brought to you advertisement-free and at no cost by this talented team (ahem!). Read, enjoy, get involved. 

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