Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Latest HIFI'Zine published

The March 2013 issue of HiFi'Zine is out this morning. It includes my review of the Legacy Studio HD monitors, plus interviews with the brains behind Vapor Audio and a new electrostatic panel for the DIY community, as well as a survey of mid-priced DACs by Oliver Masciarotte. As always, comments welcomed on all articles.

The Legacy's are packed up and ready to ship out (non-trivial when I have to haul the box to UPS myself) but I have some Absolute Fidelity cords in the rig, which are causing reactions in listeners, and a test of the PS Audio PowerBase is up next. Both, hopefully, in the June issue but for now, enjoy the March edition -- this is a labor of love, remember, the 'Zine is a truly volunteer effort. 

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