Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RHB announce teflon capacitor patent for audio

RHB Sound Dezign, an amplification modification company run by Bob Backert, argues that even some of the best gear in the world uses cheap electrolytic capacitors in the audio chain, driven by cost savings. They offer a series of upgrades to better capacitors to improve sonics, and hopefully saving you some money over the cost of a new amp. This week, RHB announced they have been awarded a new patent for a power supply using only teflon capacitors, apparently a world's first for audio amplification. The teflon design is said to greatly improve linearity and dynamics in the audio signal. Progress, it seems, comes even in the most traditional of audiophile products. I also hear the company will be producing it's own tube preamp in 2013, so I'll be keeping my calendar open for a review sample. 

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