Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alan Parsons 'rips' audiophiles, shock

Seems that even the pro audio media is not beyond silly headlines. CE Pro decided that Alan Parsons was  criticizing audiophiles for spending too much money on gear and not on room treatments but if you actually read the interview you will find his language hardly constitutes a 'rip'.  I think his point is that the law of diminishing returns kicks in at the high end pretty quickly and that rooms impact the final sound, so plan and spend accordingly.  Best quote: "I think what perhaps critics don’t appreciate is that there is a lot of luck in getting a good sound."

Still,  Alan also admits that he does not listen to music recreationally except in the car. Otherwise recordings are something he works on in studios. Well, that tells us a lot about Alan then doesn't it. Oops, did I just 'rip' on him.....

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