Saturday, October 29, 2011

Box set mania: U2 can spend a fortune

I like U2's music as much as most casual fans so perhaps this not aimed too directly at me but, much as I enjoy Achtung Baby, I cannot fathom spending nearly $600 on the new boxed set anniversary edition. You can see the details on the Elusive Disc website but really, double 180g vinyl, multiple 7" singles, 6 cds and 4 DVDs spells overkill to this fan. I've nothing against collectible releases, after all, I was there when U2 released their first single in Ireland and I bought one of those numbered 12" singles which go for silly money on e-bay too but I'm not selling (I know where three others are too which leaves only 996 unaccounted for). Maybe it's growing older but the thought of spending that money to get such boxed set of U2 goodies leaves me flat. Of course, if you buy it and then sell it on, it's probably a better investment than some stocks. Who says audiophilia only costs you money?

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