Friday, January 28, 2011

PS Audio release new power plants

As a satisfied owner of the the PPP power regenerator from PS Audio, I am intrigued by the release of their new Power Plant 5 and 10 models ($3000 and $4500 respectively). The current PPP is being sold off now for around $1200, which is a bargain for its benefits (clean, new power that hits the 60hz cycle directly and repeatedly for all your gear), both sonic and practical. The PPP has improved every component which I've connected to it, with the only exception (if so it may be termed) being the power hungry BAT Vk500 which caused the fans on the PPP to kick in audibly. That it also offers power surge protection is a bonus. I've had a lot of PS Audio gear in my rig over the years but it's their power regeneration product that has produced the best bang for the buck. Am looking forward to hearing this, a review sample is promised.

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