Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gearing up again

Been some time since I posted but it's not been quiet on the audio front, quite the opposite in fact. I just completed my review of the Audio Horizons Tube Buffer for next month's Affordable Audio -- it's a mixed bag and not for me. I installed the NuForce 8 pre and power combo into my main rig for serious listening over the next month, and so far am very impressed (it was great in my second system powering some old Kef 103/2s). Also have a pair of Spectron Monos on warm up and will be running a few cables in too, including a new set of the Von Schweikert speaker cables I just's fun but gear really takes time to settle and give up its sound, I hate to rush to judgement. I also have been sitting on a pair of DiffractionBeGone's tweeter surrounds (Hi Jim!) which I've been loath to add to the mix until my set up settled for a bit. So, there's reviews a plenty to come. In the meantime, my VD David's returned, with wider spades which helps but not, those VD cables are such a pain to use and if it wasn't for the sound.........expect a pic soon of the most ridiculous set up I've tiny Nuforce power amp with 4 large VD cables sticking up at the back, nearly lifting this small unit off the floor! But the sonics? Very pleasant, I'll say that much now. Stay tuned.

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